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MCE Insurance

Taken from Pizza Pasta August 2013

MCE Insurance, the UK's number one provider of delivery bike insurance, report that there is still a large number of retailers delivering fast food who do not have the correct levels of cover for their fleet of delivery bikes and their riders. By doing this, such operators are risking hefty fines and convictions by only adding 'business use' to policies.

One of the few companies to offer specialist delivery bike insurance, MCE can tailor each policy to your specific needs, and offer an 'any rider' policy for your delivery bikes. MCE have always been keen to stress the importance of having the correct cover in place for you and your delivery riders. An 'any rider' policy, for example, would mean that anyone can deliver fast food on your business's vehicles without the type of restraints that you might well experience elsewhere (age, driving history or residency for example).

MCE's Fast Food Delivery insurance product also offers a recession-busting low 10% deposit. Some of their delivery customers include, Papa Johns, Firezza, You Me Sushi, Wagamama and Holy Cow.

15.08.13 - Big Ed

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