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Think Bike have launched a new TV advertising campaign called 'Named Rider' at a cost of £1.2million in a push to make more road users look out for bikers.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of motorcyclists to other road users showing everyday riders with neon flashing lights pointing to the riders saying things such as 'new dad' and 'shy and retiring type'. The concept comes from research showing that drivers are more likely to notice motorcyclists on the roads if they know a biker themselves.

Over the next few weeks the campaign will broadcast on commercial television, adverts appearing on radio stations and petrol forecourts following a similar campaign which was run in 2010.

It has been stated that motorcyclists only account for only 1% of road traffic, but a staggering 22% of road accidents involve a motorcyclist. Mike Penning, the road safety minister recently said "The campaign I am launching today aims to get drivers to think again about how they look at bikers when they're out on the road. I hope this will help to reduce the number of bikers killed and injured in crashes with cars".

Along with reducing casualties, decreasing road accidents will also help drivers keep car insurance premiums down.

As a huge supporter of motorcycle safety, Big Ed says ride safe out there.

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06.03.2012 - MCE Insurance

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