Threats of Cancelled Coverage for Modifications

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British minister Rev. Wena Parry was recently warned by her insurance company that they were considering voiding her policy, due to the religious messages she had put all over her vehicle. Her insurer, Age UK Insurance stated that the 'modifications' violated her policy as she had not declared them.

The minister had the following to say: "Every opportunity I have I want to tell people about Jesus" and "there might be somebody within that company that hates Christianity", a bold claim, one which her insurer were quick to disagree with. They said "These modifications do not fit our acceptance criteria for motor insurance" and went on to state that the threats of cancelled coverage had nothing to do with the religious message that the decals conveyed.

Her insurers were only made aware when a part of her engine was stolen and Parry submitted a claim on her policy, providing photos of her car to demonstrate this. The decals which read "Christ is my Lord" "Christ for me" and "Christ must be Saviour" were of course completely aesthetic and in no way affected the handling or integrity of the car. They were designed with the sole purpose of communicating with people, reaching "at least a million people" as Rev. Parry says.

The Independent says that Age UK Insurance offered the Reverend 725 Euros as a settlement, waiving their 100 Euro charge in the process. Moving forward, after scrapping her car as it was declared not salvageable; she will be checking with her future insurers whether or not it they will permit the decals.

Incidentally, here at MCE Insurance we cover all modifications free of charge, from decals to turbo's (although we're sure Rev. Parry won't be requesting that any time soon), and it has received an extremely positive reception. So give us a call, Rev. Parry and we'll be happy to provide you with a great quote!

09.02.2015 - Big Ed

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