Too many distractions in the modern car?

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The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has declared that new cars with high-tec gadgets are becoming distractions to drivers to the detriment of their driving.

Chief executive of IAM, Sarah Sillars says that such things as hands free devices, sat-navs and even heated seats are creating a "non-essential form of technology" "guilty of making drivers too comfortable and cosseted - like we're in our own living rooms".

From the perspective of a motorbike rider it's difficult to disagree, statistics from the US show that distracted drivers caused 3331 deaths and 387,000 injuries in 2011. Motorcyclists are connected with their engine, many of whom can acknowledge a problem from a rattle or a particular feel from the bike, however cars are somewhat different. Due to safety regulations as well as leisure purposes engines are separate from the driver, with the radio on, for instance, on most cars it is a strain to even hear it.

Sillars went on to say "we cannot allow the same trends in the USA to happen here. While car makers work constantly to incorporate active and passive safety features into vehicles, making us safer than ever before" it can result in worse driving for not only the driver, but other road users.

29.04.2015 - Big Ed

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