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Trackdays are a chance to get the motorbike out and run it to its full potential. Whether that be a specially built racer, a classic or your own road bike that just wants to stretch its legs, giving your machine and yourself the experience of track can really open your mind to your motorbikes limits. Trackdays are available throughout the UK at a number of different tracks, but a couple of MCE BSB fans are offering the chance to do something different.

Chris Dancey and Andy Kewley, one of which is an ex-service man and one is still serving, love their motorbikes and have started to plan for the future. They've discovered a racetrack that's only a few years old situated in Slovakia. The Slovakia Ring is a stunning 6km racetrack with modern facilities that not many people have come across yet. Chris and Andy want to offer people the chance to ride this track and have a holiday at the same time. Under their packages they'll transport your motorbike out and take it back, provide you with accommodation whilst you're there in a nearby hotel and most importantly give you 3 days on track with tyre changes under the instruction of noted riders. There are plenty of other extras included in the package as well.

When I met with them at the recent MCE BSB round at Oulton Park, Chris had this to say, "Me and Andy have done a fair few Trackdays over the years but we know the costs can run up. We wanted to offer a complete track experience so riders can just get out and enjoy themselves and the Slovakia Ring is the perfect circuit for it." If you'd like more information on the trip visit their website here, Trumpet Trackdays.

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28.05.13 - James Davey

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