Trail Riders Fellowship - Keep it Green

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Over the last decade or so there has been a slow and steady clamp down on green laning and trail riding, with councils, governments, protection groups, activists, local residents etc all worrying about the state of the countryside. But we bikers have been using the lanes and tracks of our great country for over a hundred years without issue and understand it needs looking after. The Trail Riders Fellowship is an organisation set up to protect our rights as responsible trails riders so we can continue to enjoy them for many more years to come.

The Trail Riders Fellowship or TRF was established in 1970, since then it has been heavily involved in preserving access to, and helping to maintain standards of, public rights of way throughout England and Wales. So not only do these guys keep the access open for us, they also ensure that the tracks and lanes are maintained by the local authorities to the standard of the law.

Without organisations like the TRF we could be left with no off roading enjoyment anywhere which I believe would be a real shame. To support the continued hard work of the TRF please take a look at their website, TRF online and Facebook page and offer your time.

10.10.13 - Big Ed

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