UK's biggest pile up and the insurance aftermath

MCE Insurance

The huge pile up on the Sheppey Bridge involving 130 vehicles has left customers and insurance companies scratching their heads about who is at fault.

Luckily no one lost their lives during the incident on the 5th of September but 35 people were injured, 8 seriously. Some may be looking to claim on their insurance for their personal injuries. Everyone else will certainly want to claim for damage to their car, this is where the problem lies, who pays for it? Lawyers and insurers will have to establish blame for each incident and because of the sheer scale and number of vehicles it becomes a very difficult job.

Everyone involved has been told to contact their insurers so that something can be sorted out. Some of the shunts within the pile up were straight forward and customers have already got their cars in the shop. Others where there is no clear blame could be battling for payouts for some years.

10.09.13 - MCE Insurance

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