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The World Superbike Championship has always been home to fast paced, action packed racing but in recent years has seen crowds and riders on the gird disappear. Dorna who run MotoGP took over the championship last year and aim to make changes to bring about a Worlds revolution.

In comparison to MotoGP, WSBK is a whole other level...lower. It's still a worldwide championship but does not have the gravitas or power that the GP does. Spectators around the world might well be more inclined to save their ticket money for when the likes of Pedrosa and Rossi are in town, leaving WSBK without fans. It's not like they can profit from being a domestic series with the spectators being in the home country because obviously Worlds go on tour. The racing is still exciting but the fans just aren't coming out like they used to. High ticket prices at some rounds could well be a factor adding to this also.

Next year is also looking thin on the grid; more and more privateers have been pushed out because of rising costs. Dorma have tried to tackle this by bringing in new EVO regulations for next season like in MCE BSB making the superbikes rawer and without electronic trickery. This should hopefully encourage smaller teams to get involved again like in the glory days.

If these issues can be remedied then perhaps WBSK will have a revival though Dorma are still yet to release a calendar for next years season making it very difficult for teams to plan budgets and sign riders. Dorma has said though that it will help the top 24 riders in Superbike and Supersport classes with extra incentives.

WSBK Sporting Director and ex MCE BSB champ Gregorio Lavilla commented, "Most incentives are going to the Superbike class, including freight money and other help for people to go ahead."

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27.09.13 - MCE Insurance

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