I've never had any payment troubles or anything like that but when I popped onto my email and discovered a default on my first payment for MCE I was distraught and panicking as you would be. I had so many questions like why has this not been taken from my account, I never saw it even try? Why did I not know about this earlier? What even is my payment due date? As I held on the phone waiting for advice I dreaded what I was going to hear. Much to my surprise a chirpy, friendly voice answered the phone and within 2 minutes had answered every question I had worriedly written down on my piece of scrap paper. Everything solved in the smallest amount of time and with the highest amount of empathy. When proposing my future issues with payment due dates, the person we dealt with, went above and beyond with helping me out in my situation, all whilst remaining professional, educating me on the product, and calculating future payments to allow me to structure a plan manageable and beneficial to me. In all my (seemingly short for some) 20 years of life, I have never had a better outcome from as an outstanding customer service call as I have today and I believe that the person we dealt with deserves a great level of praise from management and senior staff for the excellent customer journey that I received today!! A massive thank you for all of your help and advice!

13th April 2017