Spoke to Dayle yesterday in customer service with regards to getting a second bike insured. I will start by saying that I received the help and advice I was after which was delivered in a professional and courteous manner.

But the main reason I am leaving this review..... I had a few queries regarding insuring my next bike and we were on the phone for quite a while... I had explained from the start that I was just trying to get ideas of costs so I could in my own time work out for myself which would be the best way to insure the bike be it a separate policy or adding it to an existing policy.. at no time did I feel pressured towards making a decision straight away and although this took some time at no time did I feel rushed along... Dayle not only came across as someone who enjoyed their job but when I explained that I had just built my bike and was listing the modifications to him for my quote he actually took an interest in what has been my project.

To the point... it made a refreshing change to phone up for a quote but feel like I was just having a normal conversation with a like minded person rather than what is all too often a 'robotic' type of person on the other end of the phone who just goes through the motions and can't wait to get off the phone and onto the next person when they realise you ain't spending money straight away.

15th June 2017