Having your motorcycle stolen is not a pleasant experience. However, the whole experience was made far easier due to the brilliance of MCE's employee that I dealt with. The person I dealt with went above any beyond the call of duty. For various reasons, the bike nearly lost value due to false information given to me regarding service intervals. Technically, this should have devalued my bike, however the person I dealt with kindly spoke with his manager to waiver the drop in value, due to Motoden providing false information. the person I dealt with even did this after I was rude over an earlier telephone conversation.

It's not often that employees get praise for going above and beyond the call of duty. What this person did really wasn't something MCE had to cover. The telephone manner and empathy towards my situation was excellent. the person I dealt with even gave me advice on how to make sure a situation such this does not happen again in the future.

the person I dealt with - a genuine asset to any company.

18th January 2017