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Glossary of Insurance Terms


Accident Cover
Insurance cover for accidents that you may be involved in when in/on your vehicle.
Accidental Damage
Damage to your vehicle that was not on purpose. Occurring unexpectedly, unintentionally, or by chance.
Actual cash value
Cost of replacing damaged or destroyed property with comparable new property, minus depreciation and obsolescence. For example, a 10-year-old bike will not be replaced at current full value because of a decade of depreciation.
American Car Insurance
MCE can give you great deals on your American four wheels.
Aprilla Insurance
Insurance policies for the Aprilla bike make.


They're everywhere around the MCE BSB. Check out some hot photos here:
The British Insurance Brokers' Association.
Well if you don't know by now you never will, but here's a hint; the guy with the massive helmet. Aka, 'The Helmet of MCE'.
Big Ed's Blog
Check it out: Big Ed blog me now!
Big Ed's BSB Challenge
An on-line game by MCE Insurance; record your fastest lap in Big Ed's game for a chance to win... Big Ed's BSB Challenge.
Your motorcycle.
An insurer that works with you to find your best insurance policy, such as MCE Insurance.
British Superbike Championship; MCE Insurance are the Official Title Sponsors. Check out the MCE BSB website:


Cubic Capacity or CC of your car, bike, scooter, van or taxi.
A self-propelled road vehicle designed to carry passengers; ones with four wheels that are powered by an internal-combustion engine.
All learner motorcycle and moped riders must complete a compulsory basic training (CBT) course before riding on the road.
Chinese Bikes
Motorcycle imports / manufacturers from China.
Classic Bike
Motorcycles that have been around for a very long time and are deemed to be older than normal.
Custom Bikes
A bike that has been built or modified to a rider's own specification.
Club MCE
An exclusive club with awesome member benefits. Find out about the benefits here.
Company Name
The name of your insurance company.
Comprehensive Insurance
This covers claims made by other people against you. This also covers your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by fire, accidental damage or malicious damage.
Driving convictions or convictions pending, e.g. SP30, DR10, IN10.
Courier (motorcycle courier)
A motorcycle courier is a courier operating via a motorcycle or motor scooter. Motorcycle couriers are common in major urban centres.
Courtesy Bike
MCE Insurance offer this to keep you on the road in the event that your pride and joy needs repairing after an accident.
The level of insurance cover you have purchased.
Customer Journey
Not only the route that you may ride your pride and joy motorcycle on, but also the journey that is necessary to follow at MCE Insurance to get top class insurance cover.


look down when you're using your vehicle; it's the thing with all those pretty dials on.
Stay away from these, use MCE Insurance professional brokers instead.
Delivery Bike Insurance
MCE Insurance insure for any delivery bike in the UK
Dirt bike
A bike type that is skillfully negotiated through the off-road type terrain. Aka, trials, trails, endure...
Named person or people who will drive your car, van, taxi or BIKE.


Engine Size
Cubic Capacity or CC of your car, bike, scooter, van or taxi.
One way of describing Big Ed's helmet.
The amount you pay in the event of a claim.
Excess Compulsory
The amount you pay in the event of an insurance claim.
Excess Voluntary
The amount you choose to increase your excess by, this may reduce your insurance premium.


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Fantasy Road Race sponsored by MCE Insurance
Financial Services Authority.


GAP cover/insurance
Gap insurance closes the gap between what your vehicle insurance company thinks your vehicle is worth if your car is stolen or written off and what you owe the finance company.


Hairy Bikers
Two very hairy bearded bikers who travel around England sampling good old fashioned cooking techniques... oh, and they also like motorbikes as well.
You need this if you are going to be safe whilst riding your pocket rocket and Big Ed has a very large one.
Helmet and Leather Cover
MCE Insurance offer this.


MCE Insurance provide you with this, but give you so much more.
Your insurance company...MCE Insurance.
Governments Insurance Premium Tax charged at 5% on your insurance premium.
I, Superbiker
The 2011 Superbike season saw the most dramatic finale in its history, with the new electrifying showdown format, only 6 riders can compete for the title.


John Laverty
After an horrendous crash at Snetterton in the MCE BSB 2011 he will return to join the Splitlath-Redmond Racing Team for the 2012 MCE BSB.


Official Kawasaki insurance is provided by MCE Insurance.


Laid up fire and theft-
MCE are offering Motocross Insurance with Laid-up Fire and Theft cover for customers who keep motocross, children's models or track day bikes tucked away waiting for their next exciting adventure to take place.
When one is liable for a debt, they are responsible for paying the debt or settling a wrongful act they may have committed. For example, if John hits Jane's car, John is liable for the damages to Jane's vehicle because John is responsible for the damages.
The type of driving licence you currently hold.


MCE Insurance
M. C. Edwards (Insurance Brokers) Ltd.
MCE Insurance Gurus
Ask our MCE Insurance gurus for help with your MCE Insurance policy via facebook:
Any modification, engine, performance or cosmetic change that has been carried out on your vehicle.
Monkey Bike
Monkey bike insurance offered by MCE Insurance for your 'mini motorbike'.
Aka your love, your pride, your joy, your one and only insured by MCE Insurance.
Motocross also known as MOTOX
Competition and event riding your motox bike with skill around an off road environment.
Aka your love, your pride, your joy, your one and only insured by MCE Insurance.
Insure more than one bike available with selected MCE Insurance policies.
Things Big Ed has.


No Claims Bonus
Proven No Claims Bonus.
Non-motoring convictions
Criminal convictions or prosecutions pending.


Open 7 days a week
Yes we are!
Open Throttle
Twisting your grip to make your motorbike go faster.


The postcode of where you will be keeping your car, bike, scooter, van or taxi. If this is not your home address, you must notify MCE's Customer Service department immediately.
The amount you pay for your insurance.


Qualifying Event
An occurrence that triggers an insured's protection.


Named person or people who will be riding your bike or scooter.


Our red-haired grid girls, often spotted at the MCE BSB. Find them here
Submarine Cover
We don't do this...


Your taxi, minibus or cab; speak to one of our taxi team on 0844 338 68 58.
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Third Party Fire & Theft Insurance
This covers claims made by other people against you and if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.
Third Party Only Insurance
This covers claims made by other people against you only.
Tommy Hill
The 2011 MCE British Superbike Champion. He returns to the Swan Yamaha Racing Team for the MCE British Superbike Championship 2012.
Track day
An organised event in which members of the public are allowed to drive or ride around established motor racing circuits, make sure you keep your two wheels covered with Track day Inusrance


Use Class 1
Business use as defined in your policy booklet.
Use Class 2
Business use as defined in your policy booklet.
Vehicle used for Social Domestic and Pleasure Only.
Vehicle used for Social Domestic and Pleasure and Commuting Only.
An insurance agent that analyses the risk of signing the potential client to the policy.


Your commercial vehicle.


Waiting Period
A period of time set forth in a policy which must pass before some or all coverages begin.
Warwick Davis
Owns the agency we hire short actors from:


Because we couldn't think of anything else beginning with 'x'.


The customer and MCE's purpose to serve.


Where Big Ed likes going on his days off.

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