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Greetings Bikers, and welcome to my first Big Ed Blog

When I'm riding all over the country in a whirlwind of bikes, birds and burnt rubber, I keep getting told that I don't do enough talking. Huh. So, I am going to put an end to that and communicate to all my fans every week here on EdSpace. I hope to keep you all filled in on what’s making me smile more than usual, or is really grinding my gears. I'll be letting the world know what I’m riding, where I'm riding, and where you can catch up with me. And, of course, answer any questions you've got for me!

More importantly though, I really want to find out what you, my fellow biking brothers and sisters, are up to. From your best Sunday morning bike routes (so I can give them a go) to your thoughts and views on the MCE British Super Bikes. Can I pass any messages on to my pals in the paddock for you?

So I spent this weekend at Cadwell Park, and what a Bank Holiday to remember. Leon Camier was on great form again, but was his disqualification fair? Between you and me, wasn't best pleased when I was having a post race drink with him. He was a bit unlucky - but then things have gone his way quite a lot this season! I've heard some are calling for a ban (!) More controversial than Prince Harry turning up at a Max Mosely fancy dress party? What do you think?

Anyway, more to come next week.....

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alan regan - 04 May 2010 03:13:44 pm

joined big ed at oulton park bank hol weekend,what a excellant time we had,Colin and the gang made our weekend. one we wont forget we had thrill ride in safety car track walk with Dan linfoot who may i say is a great bloke,then we had priorty pit walk and to top it off a grid walk which was amazing. just like to take this chance to say a massive thanks to Colin and the team for a fantastic experiance at oulton.

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