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Brussels won't know what's hit em!

Well guys what can I say whilst I was at Silverstone enjoying some babes you were all holding up traffic up and down the country, irritating drivers I’m not sure where I would have rather been…hey ho!

Its been a pretty controversial protest, I read in MCN a few weeks back that a motorcyclist wasn’t happy with the shenanigans by adding to the already bad name we have as bikers….he has a point.

But aaaaanyway I cant say any more than these EU regulations are a joke! Even if you don’t ride or you don’t want to go to the extremes of upsetting road users you can still show your support by signing this petition. Where do I!

And yes make sure you laugh at our government for not being able to spell motorbikes…

This week’s MCN they have detailed there protest around Brussels. Join their group if you want to get involved! I want to join the MCN Brussels Protest

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