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So this week I got bored, and decided to go and visit the boys at the Airwaves Yamaha base in Kent. You’d have thought they’d be doing some testing or something wouldn’t you, but no, the place was emptier than Noriyuki Haga’s trophy cabinet. Not a soul to be found.

On a completely unrelated issue, check out the MCE Insurance stand at the NEC Motorcycle Show this week as Leon Camiers BSB winning Yamaha will be the focal point. You can’t miss us, as we’re right by the entrance. How they managed to get there hands on a £250,000 bike, I just don't know.....

You can also get your photo with the smoking hot MCE Smilers and Yours Truly and well even print you snaps free of charge while you wait. Also, the guys in the know will quote your socks off. The rates they’ve managed to secure are hotter than my brake pads after an afternoon round Laguna Seca. See you all very soon I hope.

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