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Cold's a coming - Beware the idiots

It's the time of year once again when snow and ice is threatening every single day. For a biker this means a number of things.

Firstly he's got to make the decision whether to get the motorbike out at all, though sometimes you just have too. Riding in the extreme is possible don't get me wrong you just have to beware the others out there.

Over the last few years when we've had these bouts of snow I've seen all sorts of examples of terribly inexperienced driving. People spinning their wheels as they try to pull away in 1st, others were slamming brakes on and sliding into walls. People just aren't used to it these days and try to drive their cars as they normally would. The media of course doesn't help sending out messages of warning etc making the country panic and stop functioning. Of course you have to be more careful out there but you can travel. I mean they cope in Russia don't they?

So if you are out on your motorbike just be extra aware of what those others around are doing. Literally anything could happen. Ride Safe.

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