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License changes, a blessing in disguise?

So the new EC 3rd Driving License Directive has now come into force basically meaning that young people wanting to get on a motorbike now have to do three tests to get to the stage where they will finally be able to ride a bike of any power they wish. Harsh.

Is it all that bad though? Yes it may put off some youngsters from getting on a motorbike but if the passion is there hopefully they'll not be deterred. The range of 125cc bikes for the A1 license is looking good across the board. Manufacturers have cottoned onto the changes coming in and designed in plenty of options for budding bikers. There's a lot more to these small motorbikes than there has been in the past. Honda with the CBR125R and Yamaha with their R125 have created lovely looking bikes that perform too. Yes they come with a hefty price tag but you're paying for brand quality. Chinese options are also always improving with a host of 125's in all shapes and sizes. Just beware second hand ones and if you do go used, get the history off the previous owner so you know if it's a reliable bike or not.

This growth of the 125 sector has also been off the back of increasing petrol prices and people having enough of congestion. If the government really wants to tackle congestion then they should really look to bikes. You can fit (give or take) 4 bikes in the space of one car. The amount of people I see sitting in traffic on the way to work (alone) sickens me. I mean get on a motorbike, get to work early and have a laugh doing it! Anyway I've gone off subject somewhat…The point I'm making is that this boost to the small bike sector has got to be good for the industry and the economy.

The A2 license has also been targeted by the manufacturers noticeably by Honda with their range of new 500cc motorbikes. Again with these license changes, new areas in the market have opened up giving manufacturers a chance to develop new bikes for the new consumers.

I just hope that all these changes do relate to sales and that youngsters are not put off. For a 17 year old male or female considering transport a bike has got to be the best choice. With the EU Gender Directive also now in force meaning that across the board Insurance is no longer judged on gender, first time drivers male or female will be faced with large Insurance bills for cars. So why not get on a bike? Cheaper to tax, cheaper to insure, cheaper to run. It just makes sense!

Ride Safe.

Check my License Changes Infographic here to see how the changes could affect you.

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