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Not a good motorcycle insurance risk...

So the motorcycle world is full of nutters. I come across them all the time. But currently none with quite such a degree of screw-loose-less-ness as Evil Knievels son.

Evil Knievels sons name is not quite as cool as his dads. It’s Robbie. Evil is a cool name. Robbie makes me think of Robbie Williams or even worse, Robbie Savage! But I digress.

Now I mention Robbie this week, as I read on MCN that he's going to try and not only replicate, but better his fathers attempt to clear a load of double decker buses. Its scheduled for May 2010. His old man went for 13 red routemasters, and he's trying it pop over 16. To make things a little more interesting (!) he's doing the attempt on the same bike Evil used - a Harley Davidson XR-750. Brave.

You may think that the chances of him succeeding sit up there with the likelihood of a Suzen Boyle sex tape being released on the web, but he's got a decent track record. Check out this Youtube video of him breezing over no less than 21 Hummers. He must be doing something right though, as he currently holds 20 world records.

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