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Do I need Scooter Insurance on this?

So getting out on your bike it about as appealing as a night of passion with Ann Widdecombe at the moment....unless you happen to own a Govecs Slidescooter. Ideal for the snow, it looks relatively funky, until you ride it somewhere and the snow thaws and you get stuck! (If you do watch this vid, make sure you do so on mute, as the pan-pipe backing music will make you feel physically ill.)

So as this rubbish weather continues, my bikes are gathering cobwebs and the roads are deteriorating . Potholes are a big worry – I wont get into it because its a bit boring a geeky, but you can read an interesting article about a) how utterly dodgey our roads are and b) why massive holes appear in the road if you click here. We could be in for some risky riding come the summer months...

Finally this week, check out these truly epic photographs of the increasingly enthralling Dakar rally by clicking here and here – I highly recommend having a peek while you're waiting for the roads to clear.

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