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So the Dakar rally has finished now, and I've quite enjoyed following the coverage while simultaneously wishing I was there. Maybe next year. Finally won in Argentina by a Frenchman on an Austrian bike, its sees the end of two weeks of a gruelling dusty slog.

My favourite story to come out of the event is of Annie Seel, (Swedish and Female) who was riding along on her KTM over a small rise that just happened to be hiding a 5m deep tomb. He bike, and by the looks of things her lid fell into the tomb, just as she managed to leap from her bike and not fall down the massive hole.

The tomb was part of some ancient ruins she was riding through, but she didn't let it ruin her race - she got some help and was back on her way again. According to the website she finished 45th out of 88. Fair play Annie – Big Ed salutes you!

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