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War 4 four: The final battle

This year we watched in awe as Kiyo returned to form and took the fight right to Shakey only to crash and injure himself just before crossing the line...
Could Kiyo have done anything else though? We've seen the likes of Lorenzo race with a broken collarbone, so why not Kiyo?

To be fair I think Kiyo did make the right decision. He could have gone out and potentially wobbled round but with Shakey winning races at the other end of the field what would be the point? He'd only offer himself up for further injury...but then on the flip side, Kiyo was so close, it must have been a heart-breaking decision to sit out.

Whatever went through his head at the time the support from the fans when he collected his second place trophy was truly inspirational...we love you Kiyo, come back next year at take it too him once again!

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