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So long Suzi

So I’m in a quandary as to who I fancy to be the BBC’s new bit of totty for the Moto GP coverage now that the delicious Suzy Perry has hung up her fluffy microphone.

One of the names in the hat is Janie Omorogbe – (that one what used to be a Gladiator) who is as well informed on all things biking as anyone in the UK and is quite hot to boot. She presented ITVs British Superbikes coverage, so is amply qualified.

Another name being banded around is Viki Butler Henderson – not a bad shout, but a little too posh for the paddock what with that double barrelled surname.

Now Sky Sports Georgie Thompson has got to be my favourite candidate – she may not know about bikes, but I’m sure I could fill her in on what she needs to know. Good to see she’s got awful taste in men as well – she’s going out with Dec of Ant and Dec fame. I’ll be right in there....

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