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Is 3D the future for motorsport viewing?

Looks like this 3D thing is catching on, and motorsport seems to be the next stop on the visual treat bandwagon.

The boffins who dreamt up the film Avatar (hailed as a visual masterpiece, whatever that is) have teamed up with a load of other boffins who have all been ‘getting there film on’ at locations like Laguna Seca.

During the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix, 3D and Digital Cinema Systems specialist Pace was in action for the first ever HD 3D filming of a MotoGP event. Armed with their Fusion 3D cameras (that have 2 lenses like a humans eyes) they’ve put together a documentary entirely in 3D that’ll be out later this year.

The good news is that it’s not blue lizard like people who are going to be flying around your screens, no no. It’s going to be Rossi and co. coming right at you through the cork screw in your own living room.

Better get saving up for a 3D telly I suppose...

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