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Hello again to readers of my blog - I hope I find you well.

My quest for new bikes continues - and I think I’ve found a contender. The only problem is, getting my hands on one is proving more difficult than taking a ride in north Wales without a policeman stopping you for no apparent reason! Behold the dodge Tomahawk (pictured.) I know what you’re thinking - Dodge isn’t exactly a name that you’d associate with bikes - but this machine really is something else. Let me throw some figures your way. Its got the 8.3l engine that you would normally find in a dodge viper - which means its quicker to 60 than a Hyabusa and can reach a top speed (estimated by the makers - no-ones tried it yet) of 300 mph. By the looks of things though it weighs more than a fleet of Goldwings and has the turning circle of a canal boat. Get you’re knee down on this bad boy and you’ll probably be making a dent in the road.

The thing is, with all that power, they’ve had to give it two tyres front and rear. Does that technically make it a very strange looking car? What are your thoughts?

It’s been quite a week in the motorcycling world. If you weren’t at a meet in Wales, you’d have been at another quality weekend of BSB at Croft. I had a fantastic time as ever, and a big hello to all of you that I met - I’m sure most of you know who you are. What was lacking in flag fiascos was made up for in great racing. And I had a tremendous time on the Pirelli bike (see picture) I just wish I could have gone a little faster!

Many thanks for the photos people sent in of them with Big Ed - keep them coming and I’ll get them put in a gallery as soon as I’ve got enough. Send them in to - me and the smiles await you're top snaps.

Have a great week - I’m off riding...

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