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Cracking Insurance Deals set for Northern Ireland...

Hello Again,

What comes to mind when you think of Northern Ireland? Georgie Best? Joey Dunlop? Well after talking to some Gaelic pals, for a lot of people it means pricy motorcycle insurance, so I’ve gone on a mission this week to find them cheap bike insurance. I had a look into it, and they’re not wrong.

Pricier than diamond incrusted bog role - and just as painful! You’ll be forking out the same cash to insure your bike in London as you will in Londonderry!

‘Right’ I thought, ‘time to do something about this.’ I hopped on my CRF450 and took the most direct route possible, over fields and streams, to the MCE Insurance building, and stormed into the underwriters office (caked in mud).

‘Why’ I demanded to know, ‘is it so ruddy expensive?’

We’re all good friends, so after some expert negotiation on my part, I’ve got MCE to exclusively make Northern Ireland the lowest area for insurance - that’ s the same as the Shetland Islands - with effect from November 1st. Mission accomplished!

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