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Experienced Third Party Claims Handlers

Due to continual growth of our Claims area, we require additional experienced Third Party Claims Handlers, we are looking for people with the following qualities and knowledge:

Key Duties

  • To pro-actively manage a caseload of Third Party motor, property and personal injury claims to conclusion.
  • Establishing and reviewing evidence and making decisions on liability and quantum
  • Giving advice on the claim process to customers
  • Checking third party claims progress
  • Making sure that premiums have been paid and that indemnity is in order
  • Arranging inspections of third party vehicles
  • Gathering evidence for the valuing of claims
  • Arranging payments on third party claims within prescribed authority limits
  • Identify potential fraud or exaggerated claims
  • Referring doubtful, complex or high-value claims to Team Manage
  • To continuously drive improvement in the third party claims process
  • To negotiate settlements with third parties and their representatives
  • To continually adhere to specific protocols and best practice
  • To work closely with colleagues within the firm to deliver consistently high levels of performance
  • To support the firms values and policies in a professional manner
  • To create accurate Claims Management System records
  • Identify own training needs and to request appropriate training to meet own performance targets
  • To ensure quality, service standards and productivity levels are maintained to a high standard
  • To be supportive of change within the claims handling teams
  • To develop client contacts and an understanding of the client culture
  • To assist with both internal & external auditing
  • To actively create a supportive and respectful working environment
  • To instruct outside partners such as engineers and investigators
  • To instruct own solicitors on litigated cases, maintaining  control of the litigation process.

To be a Third Party Claims Handler you need:

  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills
  • Tact and assertiveness when dealing with customers and third party’s
  • Accuracy and attention to detail
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • A professional attitude
  • Good administrative and computer keyboard skills
  • Respect for confidential information
  • Understanding of the MOJ portal process.

The salary will be dependent on experience.




I have been with MCE for just over a year, starting my journey dealing with claim notifications working my way to the more involved role of handling claims for our customers.

I am about to start studying for a professional insurance exam which demonstrates how keen I am to progress and I am striving towards a management position and would relish the challenge.

I am also a enthusiastic member of  the team and I am always looking to go further in the company and have full trust that MCE will encourage and help me with that journey!