Our Gender Pay Gap

April, 08 2019
MCE Insurance

On Friday, BBC News released an article on the Gender Pay Gap, revealing that fewer than half of the UK’s biggest employers have narrowed their pay gap in the last year. 

It mentions that overall, 78% had a pay gap in favour of men, 13% favoured women, and the rest reported no difference.

We are delighted to announce that our median Gender Pay Gap sits at 0% for another year, making us part of 9% with no difference - it’s an incredible achievement and we are proud to be one of the few businesses leading the way in the market today.

On the article there is a widget titled ‘How big is the pay gap at…?’ where you can type in a company name and it tells you their Gender Pay Gap. If you type in MCE Insurance it states “This company has reported a pay gap of 0%, which means for every £10 the average man earns – the average woman takes home £10.’

It also goes on to state the average pay gap in the finance and insurance sector is 22.85%, so we really are setting the standard for our competitors.

Whilst we are phenomenally pleased with these figures, especially when benchmarking them against our competitors – we are prouder to be an employer that hires the best people for the job, regardless of gender or any other factors. It’s a huge part of our identity as an authentic and transparent company.

To read the article, please follow this link. We've attached a copy of the BBC Infographic below.

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