Communication is Key for MCE

November, 08 2018
MCE Insurance

We are always looking for new ways to provide the best service for our policy holders, and today we are thrilled to announce we will be sending out our first ‘For Your Information’ email.

The purpose of the email is to clear up a few of MCE’s processes that sometimes need further clarification. The content covers six areas that the MCE Governance & Resolution team most commonly encounter: 

- Garaging

- Steering Lock usage

- Licence Validity

- Vehicle Valuation Process

- HPI Check

- Continuous Payment Authority Process. 

The email will be distributed to customers who took a policy out seven days ago on a daily basis. They will then receive a second email the next week (fourteen days after inception) named ‘Some Further Information’.

Existing customers will also have access to the emails on their Document portal – we hope the documents are helpful!

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