Guy Martin 'bored to the back teeth' at NW200

MCE Insurance Guy Martin didn't mix his words at the North West 200 today when asked how he was finding the circuit. His views on the additional chicanes that have been added to the circuit in recent years have resulted in the Grimsby rider being "bored to the back teeth", he went on to declare the track "used to be mega, but it's so boring now."

Purpose-built chicanes have been added to the eight-mile circuit in recent years, designed to slow the riders down and prevent accidents such as the one that cost Robert Dunlop his life in 2007.

Martin contests that the danger of road racing is what draws him and many others like him to the sport, saying "if it goes wrong it gets messy, but that's what I like about it". The rider turned presenter concedes that he can "understand why they've had to do that, but it isn't for me", resulting in speculation that this may be his appearance at the NW200.

Road racing is heralded world-wide as one of the most dangerous sports known to man, however in relation to this particular circuit Martin stated that his "granny could ride down the straights" with no problem due to the speed restrictions in place. He went on to say that the "NW200 isn't a proper road race" in comparison to the likes of the Cookstown 100 and the Isle of Man TT.

Fans of the rider are already in the knowledge that he will be stepping away from some racing commitments after this season, by the sounds of it this will most likely be his last year competing at the Triangle circuit.

14.05.2015 - MCE Insurance

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