With a history in aviation and heavy industries Kawasaki use their extensive knowledge of engineering to create motorcycles that are distinctive, fast and at the forefront of technology.

Without a MotoGP effort to focus on and throw a load of money at, Kawasaki choose to put their efforts and cash into bike development. Over the last few years the numbers of new models created by the brand is un-matched in the industry. With a range of small capacity bikes all the way up to sportsbikes and cruisers, Kawasaki has a bit of something for everyone.

Released in 2015 the supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2 is proof of the manufacturers desire to take the motorcycle industry into the next generation, breaking boundaries and making people take note.

MCE are ready to get your Kawasaki motorcycle on cover, whatever it may be! Always keeping ahead of the game we know whatever technical advances your Kawasaki bike may have, we've got the policy to suit you.

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