Suzuki in their early years they were prolific in the development of two-stroke engines and dominated competitions on and off the road with their dynamic machines. At the pinnacle of 2-stroke technology the largest machine they ever created was the Water-cooled triple cylinder GT-750.

In the 80's Suzuki expanded their production of motorcycles developing 4-strokes as the race for more reliable bikes began. Suzuki pioneered race replicas around this time, beginning a culture of dressing machines for sale like their racing cousins. This has continued into the modern age and Suzuki still releases un-rivalled race replicas for fans to buy and enjoy.

After a number of years away from MotoGP in 2015 Suzuki make their return with a brand new GSX-RR, a clear message that Suzuki are back and hoping to make history.

Their range of motorcycles continues to be bolstered with new models and re-vamped older machines gifting Suzuki one of the most diverse collections out there.

MCE understand that Suzuki owners love their bikes more than most and that insurance cover should reflect that. With over 30 years' worth of experience in the sector we've got the best policy for your Suzuki bike.

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