The ultimate tool for dashing around city streets or country roads; Mopeds provide a stable service to many bikers. Whether it's a winter hack or a polished Puch these small capacity motorbikes are big money savers only consuming tiny amounts of petrol making the commute to work a lot more affordable. Nimble and fast they are also great for dodging the traffic!

Here at MCE we're geared up to look after your little machines with our policies filled with great additions, get a quote today by calling or clicking below.


  • Club MCE membership - Exclusive VIP experiences at MCE BSB events

  • Excess reducer - Reduces excess by up to 50% in the event of a claim

  • 183 days European cover - 6 months travelling in Europe

  • Trackday cover - Available on all UK Tracks

  • Breakdown Cover - Ready to get your bike sorted when you need us most

  • Helmet and Leather cover - Gear can be expensive, get it covered!

  • Personal injury cover