Disclaim FAQ's

MCE Bike Policies Disclaiming

*Last updated 12/01/2022

Please be aware we have a huge number of customers trying to contact us at the moment on the phone, through Livechat and over email – it will be difficult to talk to someone or get an answer to your question.

Please read through the below before getting in contact, we are updating these FAQs frequently as the situation continues to develop.

The Story

Before the 5th of November 2021 all MCE UK (broker) policies were underwritten by Green Realisations 123 Ltd.

On the 5th of November 2021, Green Realisations 123 Ltd had its permission to write new insurance suspended.

On the 10th of November, MCE UK secured a new underwriter for Bike policies - UK based Sabre Insurance PLC.

Following this, on the 19th of November 2021, Green Realisations 123 Ltd went into administration.

The appointed joint administrators, Kroll, due to the financial position of Green Realisations Ltd 123 have moved to have all non-Sabre Bike policies disclaimed from midnight on the 31st of January 2022.

We understand this situation will leave you in a difficult position and without insurance. MCE UK can offer you a new policy underwritten by UK based Sabre Insurance.

Click the button below to get a quick 5-minute online quote for your new policy starting on the 1st of February 2022.

*Prices and cover will vary from your previous MCE policy.


We’ve put together the below FAQs to answer your questions, but the team are also available through Livechat.

Livechat is the quickest and easiest way to speak to someone – please bear in mind we will have a lot of customers trying to contact us during this time.

What’s happening?

If you have an MCE bike policy placed with Green Realisations 123 Ltd this will be disclaimed on midnight 31st of January 2022. This means your policy will end and you will need find new insurance for your vehicle from this date.

Has MCE Insurance gone bust?

MCE Insurance (UK broker) has not gone bust. MCE UK is still open for business and working hard to service our customers.

Green Realisations 123 Ltd, MCE’s previous underwriter has gone into administration.

When my policy gets disclaimed will I lose my No Claims Bonus (NCB)?

Currently when your policy is disclaimed because you have not had the full 12 months, you will not accumulate your NCB.

Will I get a refund when my policy is cancelled?

No refunds will be processed until 1st of February 2022.

If you paid for your insurance in one lump sum at the beginning of your policy or via monthly instalments, you may be eligible for a refund for the unused portion of your insurance by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”).

When will I get my refund from the FSCS?

The processing of refunds will not begin until your policy is disclaimed on the 31st of January 2022.

We are unsure due to the sheer volume of cases and different parties involved how long refunds will take, as soon as we have more information, we will email to let you know.

If I choose to cancel before the 31st of January, would I still get a refund?

If you cancel prior to the disclaim date, the policy will be cancelled in line with normal policy terms. More detail on a normal cancellation can be found in our Terms of Business.

I’ve got a pending claim on my policy, what happens when this gets disclaimed?

MCE will continue to process your claim for you.

If I have a pending claim, will I still receive a refund when my policy gets disclaimed?

Once the claim has been processed, if you were not at fault, you will be able to get a refund from the FSCS.

Do I need to declare this as a cancelled policy for future insurance policies?

No, you do not need to highlight this.

Will my monthly payments still be taken before my policy is disclaimed?

Yes, payments will be taken as normal up to midnight on the 31st of January 2022.

What if my renewal is due before the 31st of January 2022?

If your policy is due for renewal before the end of January 2022, your policy is not affected and will not be disclaimed. You will need to renew your policy on the renewal date as normal with MCE.

Where can I find new insurance?

Click the button below to get a quick 5-minute online quote for your new policy with MCE UK starting on the 1st of February 2021.


*Prices and cover will vary from your previous MCE policy.