Big Eds Blog - My first taste of the MCE UGP

MCE Insurance I'm incredibly proud that MCE Insurance are the new title sponsor of the MCE Ulster Grand Prix, I love motorcycle racing, so I'm guessing you're not surprised that I'm behind the World's Fastest Road Race...

When it got announced I knew how big a thing it was for not only MCE Insurance but for me, I'm ever so persuasive and I'll be damned if they think they're heading over there without me!

Last weekend we headed over for the Official MCE UGP launch and it was a truly incredible experience and it's hyped me up so much in anticipation for when it all kicks off next month!

I got my first taste of going around the circuit (on four wheels, sadly...) and was taken aback by just how flowing and smooth it is. 7.4 miles went by in the blink of an eye as one corner rolled into next - but it was nothing in comparison to some of the onboard laps I've been watching recently - wow.

Road racers really are a different breed and as finished the lap we stood on the grid for a while (well... technically it was just an open road at that moment) and spoke about how phenomenal it is going to be standing next to it next month and hearing the superbikes roar as they prepare go and do something that many people would never think possible, let alone attempt.

Thanks to everyone who made both myself and the rest of the gang feel so quickly at home - I have a feeling the next few years are going to be pretty special... Bring it on!

06.07.2016 - Big Ed

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