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MCE Insurance I attend all twelve rounds of the MCE Insurance British Superbikes to get as close to the action as I physically can. I'm in a fantastic position because MCE are actually willing to pay for my hobby, however I know many people who love the series as much as I that physically can't get to all twelve - for a variety of reasons.

The Eurosport coverage of the series is wonderful - from the quantity to the quality, it's a way for fans of the series to see every single moment from the comfort of their own home.

It's a massive shame that Sky TV customers may soon miss out on the MCE BSB as well as the WSBK coverage due to an argument between the Discovery bosses (the company that owns the Eurosport brand) and Sky. Basically, Discovery are saying that Sky customers get charged more and more per year, yet they are not getting their fair share.

I don't usually get into the business/politics side of things - I just like motorbikes, it's as simple as that. My goal is, and has always been, to get as many people into them as possible and Eurosport has been truly fantastic in their coverage and have enticed people from all walks of life and given many their first proper display of what a superbike can do.

People are hashtagging #KeepDiscovery and if it's a cause you care about like I do, I think you should do the same. For more information check out

26.01.2017 - Big Ed

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