Harley Davidson announce an entry-level option in the UK

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Harley Davidson is a brand synonymous with older riders, predominantly due to the higher price tag and larger engine capacity that can sometimes exclude younger and less experienced riders. It is with this in mind that the American manufacturer has declared they will release an 'entry level' Harley Davidson to the UK market in September.

The Street XG750 will hopefully reach new areas in the UK market with the more modest price tag of around £6,000-£7000. More commonly known as the Street 750, the bike will have a 749cc liquid cooled v-twin engine, with four valve heads and a six-speed gearbox.

The bike has been on sale in the USA for over a year now and has subsequently been released into emerging markets such as Italy and Spain, and now it seems the company are ready to tackle the already established market in the UK.

It is evident that Harley Davidson is a brand still relevant in the biking community and with a fan base to match. With the lower cc linked with the more reasonable price tag the bike will almost certainly attract a younger fan base that may have been isolated previously.

28.05.2015 - Big Ed

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