MCE BSB switch to Superpole qualification decider!

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The MCE British Superbike qualification process is set to change when 2016 rolls around, switching to a flying lap Superpole style decider.

Q1 and Q2 will remain unchanged, sticking to the current format which results in 9 riders heading into Q3 to decide the final positions. When there, the nine riders will be given the chance to complete one fast lap on the track individually, and their grid position will be decided on that basis.

Supporters of the new format believe it will create fairer and more exciting coverage, with each rider getting their slot and television coverage respectively, rather than focussing on just the front row.

However, others have criticised the format saying it will create an unfair advantage in instances such as spontaneous rain at the tail end of the session, or vice versa with a drying track meaning lap times will be naturally quicker as the session progresses.

Here at MCE we think it's a great way of every rider getting the coverage that they deserve, as well as creating exciting and unpredictable scenarios as each rider hits the circuit trying to put the fastest lap in that they can with no obstacles along the way! Bring it on!

2.12.2015 - Big Ed

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