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The saying "it's not about where you're going, but how you get there" is something us bikers know all too well. Taking the longer and more scenic route is never a chore, but a privilege. Our very own Freddie Paul recently discovered this as he embarked on a journey to Mugello to watch the sixth round of the Moto GP on his Yamaha XT660R, accompanied by his father on his Yamaha Tenere.

Every policy MCE Insurance provide has 183 days of European cover included free of charge, based on the knowledge that many riders, such as Freddie, have a shared desire to go on a true motorcycle adventure. Upon his return from his eight day round trip he entered MCE HQ beaming and ready to tell tales of his trip across the continent.

"I've always dreamed of travelling through Europe with my Dad, and being a Rossi fan I've always wanted to visit his home circuit to watch him race. I've only just started riding and with the policy MCE provided with me with the free European cover I couldn't think of a better opportunity."

"What I love most about riding in Europe is the endless corners, there was a road between Grenoble and Gap in France which was effectively 4 hours of 3rd and 4th gear corners and I really believe if anyone wants to become a better rider than these are the roads to do it on."

After travelling via France and Switzerland the father and son duo arrived at Mugello and watched an action packed weekend in which Rossi was able to bag a third place finish. "The atmosphere and to witness the Rossi obsession from the Italian fans was something else" he declares, "We actually managed to invade the track with them and watched Rossi on the podium, it was absolutely incredible and an experience I won't forget."

"I think for any rider travelling through Europe is the best thing you can possibly do, once you've done it once you'll want to do it again and again" - and as he's only used 8 out of the 183 days thankfully he'll be able to do just that! -as long as he doesn't rub it in all of our faces when he gets back again!

If you're looking for insurance before you embark on your own European adventure, give MCE Insurance a call on 0844 338 68 88 for the UK and 0818 275 788 for the Republic of Ireland

05.06.2015 - Big Ed

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