Movistar Yamaha unveil 2016 livery

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Movistar Yamaha have revealed their 2016 livery which remains almost identical to last season's M1. As Big Ed commented on his Facebook account, it appears the team have opted for a 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' policy with regards to the motorcycle.

The lack of change to the appearance is most likely due to the fact that the bike will arguably be a completely different beast when the season rolls around, with Michelin tyres and new regulations with regards to the electronics package being implemented.

With this in mind it is understandable why the bikes image isn't top priority, nor any major engine changes underneath as they will seek to make the bike feel as similar to the 2015 spec as possible with the hopes that Lorenzo and Rossi can recreate their incredible and unforgettable battle that went right to the final round.

Yamaha's MotoGP group leader, Kouichi Tsuji, admitted their main challenge heading into the 2016 championship will be adapting to the tyre and electronics change: "We always develop the bike to win races. Now, we work and develop the bike to make the tyre perform as well as possible. That means the biggest challenge will be the common software and the tyre, how we can setup both together to make the tyre perform as much as possible, that's a new challenge for us."

18.01.2016 - MCE Insurance

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