Report says London bus lanes should be open to motorcyclists

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Transport for London (TfL) have released data highlighting that 36 motorcyclists were killed on London's roads in 2015, compared to 27 in 2014. The number of casualties is also on the up, with 514 injured in 2015 compared to 2014.

London Assembly's Transport Committee have released a document named 'Easy rider: Improving motorcycle safety on London's roads' stating that it is 'vital we make sure motorcyclists can navigate the city as 'safely as possible'.

Of their survey of over 1,200 riders a number of factors were suggested, the first step being engaging with young riders about the possible dangers a motorcyclist must face, as well as teaching why proper protective gear is a necessity and not a fashion statement.

The next step would be creating a way in which motorcyclists are safer on London's roads and not 'forced into close contact with other vehicles'.

The document goes on to say "TfL's decision to open up bus lanes to motorcyclists on major roads has helped to rectify this situation in some areas, but the failure to convince many London boroughs to do the same has created confusion and inconsistency. It is time TfL finished what it started seven years ago, and secured motorcyclist access to all bus lanes"

03.03.2016 - MCE Insurance

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