The Guy Martin Rumours Continue

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Ever since Jeremy Clarkson's high profile exit from Top Gear and rumours of his co-presenters following suit, it has been speculated that Isle of Man TT racer/TV presenter/truck mechanic Guy Martin may be his replacement.

This week it was rumoured that BBC bosses are currently in talks with possible candidates, if the information is true, Martin will be joined by former model and 'The Classic Car Show' presenter Jodie Kidd and actor Philip Glenister.

This speculation arose when Andy Wilman, the shows co-creator, was overheard speaking to Jamiroquai singer Jay Kay. In the conversation, according to the Sunday Express, Wilman was discussing the 'dream-team' and by all accounts the talks were at an advanced stage.

Martin has already discussed his decision to scale back his racing commitments after competing in this year's TT, North West 200 and Ulster Grand Prix. Rumours are rife in the biking community that he will make the move to Top Gear to get his speed fix.

The Grimsby rider took to his Facebook page following the reports, saying 'It's funny what you can find out in the papers sometimes', which leaves us none the wiser of whether the rumours are fact or fiction. However cryptic Martin's response was there was no denial, which leads many to believe that he is indeed in advanced talks with the BBC, and with the success of 'Guy Martin's Speed' and 'Our Guy in India' we don't blame the BBC for wanting to capitalise on the increasing popularity of the rider.

Sunday Express article

07.05.2015 - MCE Insurance

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