A poem for his 1999 Honda VFR...

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Biker, writer and director Ryan J W Smith has been writing a sonnet almost every day on his Blog. Below is an ode he wrote to his 1999 Honda VFR;

SONNET 626 - June 25th, 2012

The bliss of my contentment I shall write,
For she is joy and wonder, through and through;
Not only is she moving to my sight,
Her energy, my speed-head doth subdue.
Acceleration like a bullet shot:
I slip a little backwards as she pulls;
As I hold on, I know that I could not
Be ever from her side - we're raging bulls!
Together, my machine and I, are one;
She teaches, and I listen as she sings;
Her notes are honey-coated loving fun:
I cannot here express the thrill she brings.
I seek excuses to go near and far:
I love my ninety-nine - my VFR.

Now that's what you call a true love of biking!

To view more of Ryan's sonnets check out his blog here:

12.10.2012 - MCE Insurance

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