Big Ed bucks the trend as others fail

MCE Insurance

In a report conducted by GMC Software Technology, they have found that Insurance companies are falling behind other businesses when it comes to delivering communication via mobile and social media.

Many have made multi-channel customer experience a top priority but few are actually managing to deliver. Only 40% of companies were said to have a good strategy with the rest "not able to communicate effectively with customers on mobile or consumer technology".

MCE are bucking the trend with their award winning social media campaign, with Big Ed on Facebook serving nearly 50,000 customers and running his Club MCE through the platform. Big Ed gives consumers a direct link to the company and offers advice and services as well as all the latest goings on in the motorbike world.

In this fast moving modern environment it is important insurance companies don't get left behind. MCE and Big Ed are leading the way in working with new technology to give customers the best experience.

Quotes taken from Post Online

26.06.13 - MCE Insurance

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