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I have a couple of days off before Knockhill rolls around this weekend, and imagine my joy when I looked at the weather forecast and saw blue skies and sunshine for the duration!

On days off with nothing to do my first thought is to get out and ride my motorbike, a proper ride out - somewhere away from the world where I can go the long way around, of course!

Someone once said to me "dress for the crash, not for the ride" which seems like a negative viewpoint on motorcycle riding, however it's something that has always stuck with me. All too often I see riders not wearing proper gear on the rare occasions when the sun is out, and every time I wish I could pull the rider aside and say that little phrase to them.

Would a pair of shorts and a baggy t-shirt feel more comfortable when riding in thirty-degree weather? Most likely. However I'd rather be a bit sweaty or uncomfortable than to be exposed in such a way.

Even if you're travelling at 20mph and come off your bike for whatever reason, if you're not wearing the proper gear it will hurt. Any form of momentum will ensure that you won't walk away from an incident without some scrapes and scratches.

I love riding my motorcycle, everyone that knows me knows this, and they also know that I'm far from a health and safety nut. All I ask is that everyone applies some common sense and remember that little phrase that has convinced me more than a few times to gear up, regardless of how short or risk free the journey is.

29.06.2015 - Big Ed

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