Big Ed's Tips: Braking in bad conditions

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Stopping your motorbike is a very important thing. I mean if you didn't you could end up in a ditch or up the back of a tractor which no one wants. With the terrible weather conditions we've been having lately I thought I'd give you my tips for braking, stopping and keeping things upright.

Number 1: Maintenance

I know I like to hark on about maintenance but it could save your life. Regular checks on your brakes could make all the difference. Check fluid levels, pad material, hose routing and condition and brake feel. For more tips on brake maintenance see my guide.

Number 2: Awareness

Make sure when you're out in the wet that you are ready for anything. Visibility is reduced and people won't see you as fast as they might. Look out for deep puddles as they may be hiding a pothole. Keep your brakes covered with a finger or toe so you are ready to stop whenever needed. Adjust your stopping distances, it's always going to take longer in the wet!

Number 3: Timing and Use

Brakes are going to feel different in the wet especially if you're on an older motorbike. Make sure you use both brakes, front and rear with a nice smooth motion. Using both will spread the area of stopping across the whole bike bringing it to a stop quicker.

Hope this helps guys, just remember to maintain, be aware and use your head! You shouldn't run into any problems if you keep those in mind! Ride Safe all!

27.03.13 - Big Ed

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