BT Sport and Sykes part ways

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Melanie Sykes was set to be the new face of MotoGP when she signed a five year deal with BT Sport to present the coverage. But it's been announced that after only 4 rounds that she will no longer be on the team.

When the choice was originally announced there was a surge of backlash from MotoGP fans who were already annoyed they'd now have to pay for coverage. The talented presenter's lack of knowledge was clear and the hope was that she'd start to pick things up and own the BT Sport Studio coverage but it was not to be.

BT claim the split is due to Mel's other work commitments but many are speculating that it was because of the backlash from MotoGP fans and un-comfortable feel to the TV shows. Gavin Emmett has taken up duties in the interim and BT has also made use of past presenter Steve Parrish on some occasions. Craig Doyle who presents the 'MotoGP tonight' show and TT coverage on ITV4 is tipped to be Mel's full time replacement.

30.05.2014 - MCE Insurance

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