HPI checks on used bikes

MCE Insurance

Buying a used motorbike can be a bit of a minefield. Without knowing a bikes true history you could be buying your way into a world of repairs, convictions or even injury. Now Hire Purchase Inspection (HPI) has teamed up with MCN to offer a service for checking the details of used bikes before they are purchased.

If you buy a motorbike through MCN they will now offer you the chance to run a 'MCN Bike Check' at a cost of £5.33 which gives you a £6,000 guarantee. It will let the customer know if the bike has been recorded as stolen, has been declared as an insurance theft or total loss by an insurer and also if it has any outstanding finance left on the bike.

The check goes towards giving some piece of mind for the legal side of things but it should still be followed up with a shake down by someone in the know. Getting a mechanic to look over a bike to give you a second opinion could save you a lot of heartache and money down the line if there is something wrong with it. A test ride is also recommended as problems could pop up once you actually get the thing moving. Also don't forget to check the bike has a good service history and all the correct documents.

15.05.2014 - MCE Insurance

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