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You may wish to get MCE to quote before you risk your hard earned cash on your next renewal. I've been a delighted client of theirs for a couple of years, and below, you may be able to relate to the reasons why. Some of these things were recently discovered whilst chatting with the Chairman Michael Edwards (hence MCE) at Donington Park - MCE British Superbikes at Donington Park. (And no! - I'm not on commission - I just want to spread the word to thank them and to help you).

Hitherto I'd been with Aviva (formerly Norwich Union) for too many years to count - but despite the attraction of their 'Rider Policy' - they continually grew complacent, indifferent and steadily more expensive. Then Carole Nash proved to be a breath of fresh air and a far better proposition - offering better VFM and a great range of policy features. But - they too grew complacent and struggled to administer properly or re-quote competitively. Sadly - all these big companies seem to have no concept of two way loyalty - so they're gradually seduced by a mad false economy of forcing their better clients out by steadily inflating renewal prices (then they presumably have to do expensive marketing to get new bods - doesn-t make sense to me - does it to you?). So after Carole choked this Golden Goose - I moved on - and proved yet again that you must re-broke your cover to stay solvent. For me - it's a no-brainer recommendation - try for yourself and experience a 10/10 - You can check them out on 0871 222 7920 and

Greg does then list 10 reasons why you should take out their insurance, but I'm sure our readers are able to make the comparisons for themselves.

07.11.13 - MCE Insurance

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