Insurers rule out Nurburgring

MCE Insurance

Taken from MCN June 2013

A growing number of motorcyclists are being told they are not insured to ride on the Nurburgring. According to brokers, use of the circuit in Germany is now explicitly ruled out in terms of most UK policies.

The Nurburgring is a one-way toll road where German traffic laws apply. But with no speed limit in place, riders travel there to see how quickly they can get round the 12-mile circuit. Those from the UK may do so unaware that they are not insured.

Broker MCE said underwriters had refused cover for the circuit for some time, but a growing number now explicitly stated this in policies. A spokeswoman said: "We have worked with our panel of insurers to ensure the majority now state the Nurburgring specifically is excluded so this is clear to policy holders."

08.08.13 - Big Ed

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