Massive Suzuki GSX-R recalls

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Suzuki has announced that they will be making mass recalls on every GSX-R600, GSX-R750 since 2004 and every GSX-R1000 since 2005 because of a master cylinder fault.

The fault has come to light after feedback from customers about the feel in the front brake becoming spongy. After further investigation into the master cylinder Suzuki discovered that over time the internal springs were corroding because of water that naturally gets into the brake fluid. The water getting into the fluid cannot be stopped but the springs inside should be able to withstand damage and corrosion. With brakes being such an important part of the motorbike in terms of safety Suzuki have immediately recalled all models stemming back to 2004 when the master cylinder design first came in.

Suzuki GB's Dennis Houston said, "As the braking system is safety critical and there are no external indications that corrosion of the spring has begun, the brake master cylinder assembly is to be replaced free of charge."

24.10.13 - Big Ed

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